" Francine Tesler has been making psychic predictions since she was a little girl, she would see those who had passed on and shock everyone with her accuracy. Francine believes that everyone has a psychic ability; some people get dreams, some people see images, hear things, feel things etc. The more that we pay attention to these feelings the stronger the ability becomes. If one ignores their abilities they will become dormant and may fade away."


There is no particular order for the way that the information comes to her, as Francine is dyslexic and also suffers from ADHD.  Francine is quoted as saying: "My gift is basically a giant puzzle board that I try to put together for my clients. Very much like how children daydream." However, each puzzle is specific for that reading and/or that person. A lot of what comes through is symbolism with real images.  Also a medical intuitive Francine with accuracy has predicted many medical issues that had not been treated could have ended negatively.  "I had a reoccurring dream twenty years ago, that my dad was pregnant for three months and he was getting a c-section. Later on it turned out that he had to have triple hernia surgery done. So basically he looked pregnant. The symbols in the dream contained the message about my father’s upcoming surgery."




Everyone has a psychic ability. we just all receive things differently. Some people, "hear", "see", "feel", also others receive information from ones to whom have passed over. The more you pay attention the stronger those vibes become. 

This year is a big year for Building new foundations, restructuring those foundations and manifesting unlimited possibilities.

Change is a Necessary Evil

Happy New Year. This new year is a time for reflection. Looking back, 2018 brought much change—both good and for many, painful. For this, my heart aches for you. But as they say, “Transformation is necessary for development.” And the same holds true for this year.

In early January, there will be a solar eclipse Monday, January 7 in Capricorn.  This will bring newfound money to some—whether it be a bonus from work, an inheritance or the winning lottery. Also, revolutionary Uranus goes direct Sunday, January 6, beginning its final journey. This journey will put certain artistic signs in even more extremely creative moods. I am talking to you my Pisces, Gemini, Aries, Virgo and Sagittarius friends. You are not losing it, this is an opportunity for you to do something greater than before—embrace it.

Bark at the Blood Wolf Moon

A total lunar eclipse will take place on January 21, 2019. The moon will be at its closest point to Earth in its orbit, lighting up the night sky as a striking Super-moon. The eclipse will then give the moon a red glow, creating a phenomenon known as the “Blood Moon.” January's full moon has been known as a Wolf Moon for thousands of years. Ancient civilizations tracked the changing seasons by the lunar months, rather than the solar calendar, naming the months after features they associated with the northern hemisphere seasons including howling wolves. These names are now used to identify the full moons. Astronomers say the Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse will last around three and a half hours, and a full lunar eclipse will not be seen again until May 2021.

Total lunar eclipses are often call "blood moons" because when the sun, Earth and moon align, the sunlight that passes through the Earth's atmosphere will appear to turn the moon red. Because lunar eclipses can occur only during a full moon – and this first full moon in January is known as a "wolf moon" – many are calling this event as a "Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse." This full moon is meant to be very special indeed as four lunar spectacles combine to give the night sky a red hue. At 12:12 AM ET, the moon will be 20 percent of its diameter into the Earth's umbra shadow, and stargazers in the Americas, Europe will have front-row seats to this show.

So, how will this “Super Blood Wolf Moon” influence you in the new year? What’s in store for you in 2019?

Fire, Air and Water signs—expect to transform in all areas of your lives—money, career, home and love. What makes this month, and 2019, significant, now more than ever, is that we will, for the first time, begin to become more united. While everyone will be working on their own personal goals, collectively, all signs will also be aware of what is occurring outside of his/her own bubble and work toward one common goal. Yes, for those old enough to remember, we are the world.  

Major themes to be aware of include simplified language and communications, through that of music and technology, unified banking, and medical advancements like we have never seen. A discovery in Europe will change the we do medicine by the end of the year. Pay attention to the 3-D computers in reference to medicine with incredible breakthroughs with prosthetic heart muscles, tendons and muscles.   Pay special attention to crazy weather patterns that will continue to occur. More flooding in Asia and Thailand. A earthquake in France in August, September.





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