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Notable Neighbor: Francine Tesler is Westchester's answer to the 'Long Island Medium'
The Journal News - White Plains, N.Y.
Author: Linda Lombroso
Date: Oct 28, 2012
Section: Life And Style

So what if Francine Tesler doesn't have her own TV show?
Westchester's answer to the Long Island Medium is just as busy fielding messages from the other side -- and such a popular fixture at restaurants around the region, you've likely seen her somewhere, even if you've never sat down for a reading.

Tesler, who lives in Pleasantville, first became aware of her psychic abilities as a child. In 1983, she started doing readings on a small scale, and by 1994, she'd made it her full-time career.
Though she gets messages from the dead -- just like celebrity medium Theresa Caputo -- Tesler is also a "medical intuitive" who's in tune with clients' health issues. But information comes through in such a jumbled way, it's often hard to decipher the signals.
"When I dreamed a male in my family was pregnant for three months, he couldn't have been," says Tesler, whose relative ended up having a triple hernia. "I had the right idea, the wrong application."
Men, however, do form a large part of her client base, often coming to Tesler with business-related questions. Women ask about a multitude of concerns.

Still, she never wants to function as a crutch.
"I make people wait three months between my readings because I don't promote psychic junkie-ism," she says, noting that there are exceptions for business-related issues and crisis situations. "I would rather make less money and have a client for a lifetime."
Clients, however, know not to follow Tesler's words blindly. She is like a road map, she says -- and it's up to you to choose which highway to take.

"I'm like an eagle flying above. I have an aerial view of things," she says. "Just because I see it, doesn't mean it's written in stone. You have free choice. Basically, take what you need and leave the rest."

Here are 10 things you may not know about Westchester medium Francine Tesler:

  1.  Not everyone gets excited about her gifts. "A lot of people freak out," says Tesler. "My friends say I have psychic Tourette's, because I have to try really hard not to say things to people."

  2. She believes that places can be haunted, and has seen ghosts more than once. "With spirits, sometimes they're trapped in a house because they haven't finished something or they feel they haven't gotten a message across," she says.

  3. She doesn't sleep well. Tesler's senses are constantly being bombarded, day and night. "It's like a day dream in a slide show, very quick images, fragments, like pieces of puzzles," she says. "I'm also hearing things and feeling things, and I may smell something. It's a constant sensory euphoria."

  4. She's only been to two concerts her whole life: Elton John and Depeche Mode. "I can't stand loud noises," she says.

  5. Her career has affected her social life. "A lot of guys don't want to date psychics," she says. "Either they're afraid I'm going to read their minds or they're not coming from the right place."

  6. Tesler, an artist by trade, is dyslexic and has ADHD. "I can read and write, but when I'm doing the reading, it's all over the place," she says.

  7. Psychics who don't allow clients to tape-record a reading make her "bug out," says Tesler. "To me, that's a red flag. If they say, 'Oh, no, it interrupts the vibrations of the reading,' they're full of poppycock. Otherwise how do you validate it?"

  8. In some ways, says Tesler, she's like a doctor. "Not everyone is going to want to hear what I say, and not everyone is going to be the right fit," she says. "If somebody says to me, 'I'm dating a married man. Is he going to get divorced?' and I look at them and go, 'No,' they don't want to hear that."

  9. She's helped police departments multiple times. "One of the cases I worked on, I knew the person drowned because I couldn't breathe," she says. "It's not fun and it's so tiring."

  10. She can't pick out winning lottery numbers. And she's not able to predict when you'll die. "It's against God," she says. "I truly believe we can change the way we take our voyages, but God gives us what we need, not always what we want."

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