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You read my daughter at the library today. Megan, my Ginger. She has really been struggling with a career choice and your discussion with her really helped her. She really wants to find out why the school shooter, serial killer does what they do. You also made a reference about Colorado while reading the woman in front of Megan.. we have strong ties to Colorado.

One other thing regarding a reading you did of someone else I knew in today’s group.. you told the young girl in front of me that you were getting Lady Gaga with her.. that particular young woman is bothered in school, but has found through the chorus program, that she has an UNBELIEVABLE voice ( opera type) and will be pursuing some type of music/ opera studies in college!!

Thank you for sharing your gift!!!


Hi Francine,

We had a phone reading a couple of weeks ago and you asked me to email you. I called you because I was concerned with my hair loss and you said I had a thyroid issue, even though my general practitioner stated it was fine. Anyway, I went to a specialist and they stated they believe I'm at the beginning stages of a autoimmune disorder (thyroid related). Also, I had a biopsy done on my scalp and they stated it's Telegon Eflevium  I was so worried about going bald! Hopefully all of this will now be corrected. So, I just wanted to let you know. 

Thank you,

Maria B


I just had to let you know how on point your reading was.  After we spoke I was confused as you kept going back to my husband, saying you saw him wobbling and with a big head.  As we spoke, you came back to him two or three times.  Well…..he told me this week that for two months now, his legs often times feel wobbly (yes, that was the word he used) and that his head felt funny.   Still not sure what this means, other than a trip to the doctor right now.  Kind of concerned because it was sufficient enough for you to feel it through me.


You are truly gifted.


Best regards,