" Francine Tesler has been making psychic predictions since she was a little girl, she would see those who had passed on and shock everyone with her accuracy.  Francine believes that  everyone has a psychic ability; some people get dreams, some people see images, hear things, feel things etc. The more that we pay attention to these feelings the stronger the ability becomes. If one ignores their abilities they will become dormant and may fade away."


There is no particular order for the way that the information comes to her, as Francine is dyslexic and also suffers from ADHD.  Francine is quoted as saying: "My gift is basically a giant puzzle board that I try to put together for my clients. Very much like how children daydream." However, each puzzle is specific for that reading and/or that person. A lot of what comes through is symbolism with real images.  Also a medical intuitive Francine with accuracy has predicted many medical issues that had not been treated could have ended negatively.  "I had a reoccurring dream ten years ago, that my dad was pregnant for three months and he was getting a c-section. Later on it turned out that he had to have triple hernia surgery done. So basically he looked pregnant. The symbols in the dream contained the message about my father’s upcoming surgery."




Everyone has a psychic ability. we just all receive things differently. Some people, "hear", "see", "feel", also others receive information from ones to whom have passed over. The more you pay attention the stronger those vibes become. 

This year is a big year for Building new foundations, restructuring those foundations and manifesting unlimited possibilities.
There will be a Lunar Eclipse Jan 31,2018 (total eclipse) That will help in visualizer the building restructuring and manifesting our dreams and goal.
There will be a solar Eclipse Feb 15 (partial eclipse) That will put a strain on those focuses almost knocking down the foundations that we built. However the purpose of this eclipse is to shake us to the core and re visualize our purposes in life and re visualize the visions we have. To see the weakness in those concepts and change gears. 

There will be several earthquakes that will be hitting parts of Asia the Sudan and the Middle East. 
There will continue to be excessive snow in locations that are mostly warm and and few other crazy weather things.


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